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Dentsoftware is the best dental software designed to manage Dental clinic, Office, Hospital or Dental College more easily and effectively. It has a moto of making the clinics smart and 'Paper free' through the seamless integration of  powerful software modules, Dentsoftware offers a better management control over each functions in the dental practice. Many dental clinics have discovered that Dentsoftware as the right dental software for their business. For more info, visit dental software website


Dentsoftware scheduler offers a simple yet powerful dental appointments booking system that works seamlessly across all the computers inside the dental clinic. It has facilities to manage the dental appointments in day wise,  doctor wise and chair wise. Week view and month view are also available for easy management and rescheduling. Its a power packed system bundled with many features like 3 type colour coding, Drag and drop, Treatment plan mapping, Past dental appointment history,  Clinic wise views, Engagement alerts, Automated SMS and Emails, Treatment duration preset, Current status alerts etc… This appointments can be linked with Dental clinics website which helps the patients to book the appointment directly.

Dental appointments from dental management software
Dental charting software



Dentsoftware has an easy to use Dental charting with clear demarkation of Oral examination, Planning and Treatment. The attractive graphical interface helps the user to enter details in few clicks through the configurable preset buttons. The dental charting plays an important role in our dental management software. From junior dentist to chief dentists and everyone in-between, all the tools you need to make the most out of your practice are right here.


Strong and lasting impressions of your business will be crested during the first few minutes of patients visit. It is also important to continue this professionalism throughout all the visits. Dentsoftware uses multiple functions to keep this professionalism grouped under reception management. Check-in & alerts, kiosk, simple & advanced patient search, consents, fee management... are some of them. 

Dental clinic reception management in dental management software
dental imaging section in dental management software


Dental imaging  is one of the important functions in dentistry. Dentsoftware has options for both investigation and image management. The users can manage any kind of images like IOPA, Panoramic X rays, treatment photographs, Scanned records etc. By using unique methods x-rays can be fetched directly from the dental imaging software. Any kind of DICOM compatible X-ray machines are compatible with this dental imaging method. Our dental software is using one of the unique method to fetch the image. 

We have still more modules to make your practice 100% paper free!!


Dental student management

Dental student management is one of the vital function for dental college management. It includes Patient assignment, student grading and performance marking. The workflow will be set based on the requirements and study.

MIS Reports

Powerful reporting and review system is the backbone of a proper practice management software. Dentsoftware offers multiple type of reports which enables the management to take quick and efficiant decisions.

Fee management

Different type of patient payments are managed here like cash, insurance, cheque, cards, transfers etc. Part payments, invoice prints, Deposits, Refunds, integration with finance module are some of the features.

Personalised Approch

Dentsoftware is a customisable application. The basic customisation includes prescription, patient invoices and Patient cards. Any additional customisation can be scoped based on clients requirement and study.

SMS / Emails

Reminding patients is inevitable in a practice management software. Dentsoftware uses automatic triggering of SMS and email which sends without any manual intervention, all through some simple settings.


This is a combination of orthodontic survey, status, treatment card, ortho payments and fee management. It has features for defining dates, advance payments, payment schedules, next visit treatment entry etc.

Perio charting

Perio charting is a major function for any hygienist or periodontists. Dentsoftware perio charting allows easy marking through simple key press. Did Kim track for creation, pocket, bleeding, MGP, Mobility etc.

Online Appointments

Now patients can take appointment directly from your website. The integrated online appointment screen helps the patients to book the available time slot of the doctor. It is integrated with alerts and messaging.


This is a patient centric module which helps to register new patients, take appointment, Mark check-in and leave feedback. This module lowers the workload on receptionist as well as minimises data entry mistakes.

Lab Works

This module monitors the lab work entries, status, expected delivary dates, amount payables etc. This also tracks the delivery date with warranty. All the works are connected with finance for combained payments.


The finance module provides better insight of your practice by collecting financial data from various modules through automatic posting. It got Chart of accounts, Manual postings, payments, trial balance, JV…


The Inventory Management module provides real-time information of available stock, re order levels, purchase orders, stock transfers, etc. The multi tier system covers stock at Central store, Hospital Store and operatorys.

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